1. Where did swami Vivekananda give his famous Chicago speech –

Ans. 11 September, 1893

2. The term “Round Revolution” is related to which among the following –

Ans. Potato

3. The deity in most of the Chola temples was

Ans. Shiva

4. National Consumer Rights Day” is observed on which among the following-

Ans. 24 December

5. Mount Everest is named after –

Ans. A servyor general of India

6. Zuzana Captiva was sworn in as the first female president of which country?

Ans. Slovakia

7. Name of the first election commissioner of India?

Ans. Sukumar Sen

8. Name of first foreign recipient of Bharat Ratna?

Ans. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

9. Where was the first post office opened in India in 1727?

Ans.  Kolkata 

10. Name of the first person to get Paramvir Chakra?

Ans. Major Somnath Sharma

11) Goutam Buddha’s mother name is –

Ans. Mahamaya

12) Gautam Buddh’s leaving home is also known as-

Ans. Mahabhinishkraman

13) Who established Pattilputra ?

Ans. Udiyan

14) The ruler of which Mahajanapada was “Chand Pradyot”?

Ans. Avanti

15) Who was written Mudrarakshas –

Ans. Visharavdatta

16) Who was victorious in ‘Dasrajan’ war? –

Ans. Sudas

17) Tripitakas are sacred books of-

Ans. Buddhists

18) Tipu sultan was the ruler of

Ans. Mysore

19. The term yavanika meant

Ans. Curtain

20. The weekly Commonweal was founded by-

Ans. Annie Besant

21. Who of the famous in the name of ‘ Sher -a -Punjab ‘?

Ans. Lala Lajpat Rai

22. When was the National Council of Education established?

Ans. 15 August 1906

23. When was the Muslim league established?

Ans. 1906

24. Jamini Roy was a famous for

Ans. Painter

25. Madharasas are the schools of, which caste?

Ans. Muslims

26. Gir National Park is situated in, which city?

Ans. Gujarat

27. Shore temple is located at, Which City?

Ans. Mahabalipuram

28. All India Harijan Sangha established in?

Ans. 1932

29. First Governor – General of Bengal was –

Ans. Warren Hesting

30. First English paper in India –

Ans. The bengal Gazete

31. Qutab minar construction was started by kutub – ud – din -aibak in –

Ans. 1192

32. Who had completed the construction of Qutub minar

Ans. Itutmish

33. Who was not included in the “navaratna” of akber

Ans. Raja Bharmal

34. Who is known as the nepoleon of India 

Ans. Samudragupta

35. “Gayatri Mantra” is written in

Ans. Rigveda

36. Reliance Jio has launched which digital wallet service for peoples –

Ans. Jio Money

37. Which service is used to send or receive mail on the Internet –

Ans. Email

38. Which of the major languages spoken in Andhra Pradesh –

Ans. Telugu and Urdu

39. What is the state flower of Haryana?

Ans. Lotus

40. “World Water Day” is observed on

Ans. 22 march

41. Which is of the highest nutritive value –

Ans. Soyabean

42. which vitamin rich source of Cow Milk is-

Ans. Vitamin B

43. Who won the “Femina Miss Grand” India 2019 title –

Ans. Shivani Jadhav

44. How many members had won Sahitya Akademi’s Yuva Puraskar, recently?

Ans. 23

45. HDFC sells further what stake in Gruh Finance for rs.899 crore –

Ans. 4.22%

46. Which port of India is also known as “child of partition”?

Ans. Kandla

47. Shiva Crater is located near which place in India ?

Ans. Mumbai

48. Mahi River falls in –

Ans. Gulf of Khambat

49. Which is the deepest port in India?

Ans. Gangavaram Port

50. “Indira Gandhi super thermal power project “ is located in –

Ans. Haryana

51.The lacustrine deposits of Kashmir called ‘Karewas’ are known for –

Ans. Saffron Cultivation

52. Total rail route in kerala is approximately –

Ans. 1000 km

53. Who is the Present chief of the World Bank Group –

Ans. David Malpass

54. What is India’s rank in the Global Competitive Index report 2019 –

Ans. 68th

55.“corona” is a –

Ans. Virus

56. Who is the writer of the poem “Daddy” –

Ans. Sylvia Plath

57. Who is the writer of the poem “Those Winter Sundays” –

Ans. Robert Hayden

58. Who is the writer of the poem “All the World’s a Stage” –

Ans. William Shakespeare

59. Who is the writer of the poem “A Poison Tree” –

Ans. William Blake

60. When the Sepoy Rebellion took place –

Ans. 1857

61. What was the India’s first satellite –

Ans. Aryabhata

62. Headquarters of the Eastern Railway-

Ans. Kolkata

63. Headquarters of the Central Railway-

Ans. Mumbai

64. The Director General (DG) of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is-

Ans. Rajesh Ranjan

65. The Maratha and The Kesri were the two main newspapers started by

Ans. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

66. Hindu collage established in-

Ans. 1817

67. The first railway line in India between Bombay and thane was started in –

Ans. AD 1853

68. Which is the scientific computer language ?


69. ‘Radio Carbon Dating’process is used to calculate

Ans. The age of tree

70. Which of the following is known as ‘Green House Gas’-

Ans. CO2

71. Abhijit Binayak Bandopaddhyay received Novel Prize for-

Ans. Economics

72. The dimension MLT-2 Corresponds to –

Ans. Force

73. Taxonomy is a science that deals with –

Ans. Classification

74. Konkan coast is stretched from where to where –

Ans. Daman to Goa

75. On which date world Kindness Day is ovserved every year?
Ans. 13th November

76. Which part of the Earth has the abundance of nickel and iron?


77. China has the longest border with which of the following country?

Ans. Mongolia

78. Who was the last Nawab of Murshidabad?

Ans: Waresh Ali Mirza

79. What is the name of the clock that determines Greenwich Mean Time?

Ans: Chronometer

80.  Who got the 2004 Saraswati Award?

Ans: Sunil Gangopadhy

81.  Which book written by Vikram Seth won the United Nations Writers’ Award?

Ans: A sweet boy

82.  In which country were women first given the right to vote?

Ans: In New Zealand (in 1893)

83.  Where in the world was the first tram launched?

Ans: New York

84. In which country is the largest underground lake located?

Ans: In Namibia

 White is the name of the parliament of which country?

Ans: London

85. Who was the first woman judge of the Supreme Court?

Ans: Mira Fatema Bibi

86.  Whose pseudonym is Bird of Even?

Ans: William Shakespeare

87. In what year was the Mona Lisa painted?

Ans: In 1503

88.  What was the first name of the Football World Cup?

Ans: Julierime cup

89. What did scientist Meghnad Saha discover?

Ans: Theory of thermal ionization

90. Where is the island of Java located?

Ans: In Indonesia

91.  Who is the inventor of the law of refraction of light?

Ans: Ptolemy

92.  Where is the summit of Mount Coolie located?

Ans: Nicobar

93.  Which is the smallest neighboring country of India?

Ans: Nepal

94.  What is the name of India’s largest neighboring country?

Ans: China

95.  Which Indian woman crossed the Gibraltar Strait first?

Ans: Aarti Saha

96.  What is the meaning of Upanishads?

Ans: Sitting nearby

97.  In which country was the first Football World Cup held?

Ans: Uruguay (in 1930)

98.  Who was the first Governor of West Bengal?

Ans: C Raja Gopalachari

99.  In which country was the first stamp issued?

Ans: In Britain (in 1840)

 100. Where is the main place of worship for Shia Muslims?

Ans: Karbala

101.  Who was the first woman judge of the High Court?

Ans: Annachandi

102.  What are computer IC chips made of?

Ans: Silicone

103.  What is the name of the river in the hilly region of West Bengal?

Ans: Teesta

104.  Who was the sheriff of Kolkata in 2006?

Ans: Amal Chakraborty

105.  What is the name of the current World Cup?

Ans: FIFA World Cup

106.  Who is the leader of Gorkha Liberation Front?

Ans: Subas Ghising

107.  Who wrote Pragya Parmita Sutra and Madhyamita Sutra?

Ans: Philosopher Nagarjuna

108.  What kind of landforms are created as a result of wind erosion?

Ans: Insel barge

109.  The only district in West Bengal that does not have subdivisions?

Ans: Calcutta

110. Which organ has pleurisy?

Ans: Lungs

111.  Where is the smallest ciliary muscle in the human body?

Ans: In the eyes

112.  What is the unit to measure hard disk in computer?

Ans: Gigabyte

113.  Whose flag is the Bhagwa flag?

Ans: Chhatrapati Shivaji

114.  What are the names of the five lakes?

Ans: Titicaca, Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario

115.  Niagara Falls is located on which river?

Ans: St. Lawrence

116.  Whose autobiography is in the water of life?

Ans: Singer Manna

117.  Who is the composer of the song?

Ans: Pandit Ravi Shankar

118.  Copenhagen is the capital of which country?

Ans: Denmark

119.  Where is the Madame Tussauds Museum located?

Ans: In England

120. What is the name of the currency of Germany?

Ans: Euro

121.  Who is called Mahadravaka?

Ans: Water

122.  What is a knot?

Ans: The unit of measurement of the speed of a ship

123.  What was the national animal of India before 1973?

Ans: Lion

124. Which is the largest lake in Asia?

Ans: Caspian Sea

125.  Where is the Prince of Wales Museum located?

Ans: Mumbai

126. Who is the inventor of the calculator?

Ans: Pascal

127.  What makes a spaceship window?

Ans: Graphite

128. What is the name of the largest university in the world?

Ans: Indira Gandhi National Open University

129.  Which wavelength of ray is longer?

Ans: Red color

130.  Which is the oldest musical instrument in India?

Ans: Veena

131.  Which plant has more photosynthesis?

Ans: Chlorella

132.  Who discovered the ribosome?

Ans: Palado

133.  What is the science of the brain called?

Ans: Phenology

134.  What is the reason for the yellow color of urine?

Ans: Due to the presence of bilirubin

135.  In which state Panchayat Raj has not been established yet?

Ans: Nagaland

136.  What is an ambush?

Ans: A group of tigers is called an ambush

137. Who discovered the nucleus of a cell?

Ans: Robert Brown